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Our AQUA ceramics collection is designed by Heidi Vang, who has her cozy and homely ceramics workshop at Ringe on Funen. The AQUA collection is designed with inspiration from the rushing sea on Denmark's windy coast to the west. With the AQUA collection, your memories of long walks at the stand with fresh air and good company are brought to the fore every time you take your handmade ceramics out of the cupboard. The next time you sit in your armchair with a freshly brewed cup of coffee in your handmade AQUA ceramic mug, and your favorite crime novel, you can remember your best moments by the sea.

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by Vang
BREAKFAST BOWL - AQUA Sale price299,00 kr
Sale price299,00 kr
by Vang
THE LUNCH PLATE - AQUA Sale price279,00 kr
Sale price279,00 kr
by Vang
ESPRESSO CUP - AQUA Sale price199,00 kr
Sale price199,00 kr
by Vang
THE CAKE PLATE - AQUA Sale price229,00 kr
Sale price229,00 kr
by Vang
TEKRUS - AQUA Sale price449,00 kr
Sale price449,00 kr
by Vang
BUTTER DISH - AQUA Sale price169,00 kr
Sale price169,00 kr
by Vang
CREAM JUG - AQUA Sale price249,00 kr
Sale price249,00 kr
by Vang
NUT BOWL - AQUA Sale price239,00 kr
Sale price239,00 kr
by Vang
DINNER PLATE - AQUA Sale price489,00 kr
Sale price489,00 kr


The AQUA ceramics collection consists of the most beautiful handmade cake plates, lunch plates and dinner plates. In addition, you will also find ceramic mugs and espresso cups, as well as breakfast bowls and nut bowls in the most beautiful designs. The collection is made by Heidi Vang in a Danish stoneware clay of the highest quality, which can withstand both frost and a trip in the dishwasher. The handmade ceramics in the AQUA collection are designed in lava vessels, which are characterized by the fact that the ceramics have small dark lava stones where the ceramics are not glazed. The lavalier gives the ceramics a unique retro look, which makes the ceramics stand out from the mass-produced standard ceramic products you can find on the shelves of the well-known Danish interior design brands.


The AQUA ceramics collection was designed by Heidi Vang. Heidi has her own ceramic workshop near Ringe on Funen, where the atmosphere is always top notch, and where ceramics are designed, turned and glazed on the go. Heidi is the most skilled Danish ceramicist we at Kerama have met for a long time, and is incredibly passionate about her craft. Heidi has given her name to some of our most popular ceramic collections AQUA , FLORAL , SKY , LAGUNA , PINE and NATURAL , which our customers enjoy every day in their homes. Heidi Vang's ceramics are characterized by being 100% handmade, which is why signs such as clear turning grooves, continuous glazes can give the ceramics a personal and unique expression that brings life and soul to the homes in which they are located.


We ensure that you can shop for ceramics sustainably online. We do this by exclusively offering ceramics from Danish ceramics workshops, made in Danish clay of good quality. In this way, we can ensure that your pottery emits as little CO2 as possible on its journey from the clay pit, to the pottery workshop, to your home. Unlike other ceramics shops online, our products are shipped minimally, which means that you can receive your ceramics with a clear conscience.