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Del Nord Ceramics

Welcome to Del Nord Ceramics, where each ceramic masterpiece is a unique representation of Franka's sustainable vision, creativity and love of artistic craftsmanship. Living in the picturesque Horsens, Franka is not just a skilled ceramicist; she is a storyteller who, with a deep connection to nature and the environment, gives life to her artistic creations.

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Sale price449,00 kr
Sale price449,00 kr

Sustainability as Standard

In Del Nord Ceramics, Franka has shaped a new standard for ceramic sustainability. Each and every ceramic masterpiece is designed with careful consideration for our planet, as Franka prioritizes the use of natural materials and environmentally friendly production methods. From the initial stage of shaping the clay to the finished artwork, Franka is obsessed with minimizing any potentially negative impact on the environment. This commitment results not only in beautiful works of art, but also in art with a positive story to tell about sustainability and concern for our planet.

Share Nord Ceramics' Creative World

Franka invites you inside her atmospheric workshop, where she shares her passion and expertise through exciting workshops. Participants not only get the chance to create their own unique masterpieces, but also become an integral part of the vibrant creative community that Del Nord Ceramics has so lovingly fostered.

Franka's artistic expression knows no bounds, which is clearly seen in her unique arrangements. Take, for example, the "Yoga and Clay workshop" at Nørrestrand, where participants are immersed in mindfulness and the beauty of nature. This unique experience, which combines yoga with the creation of ceramic nature mirrors, is not just an event – ​​it is a journey into one's own inner self and a connection to the outside world.

Make the right choice

At Kerama, we have made sustainable shopping a pleasant experience for you, while supporting local small businesses. All the ceramics you find here are carefully created by local Danish potters – from design and turning to glazing and firing. This means that you can acquire handmade ceramics of the highest quality, created under optimal conditions.

Our focus on local production means that our products have traveled less than 100km on average in their lifetime before reaching your door. By minimizing the transport distance, we save thousands of kilometers of unnecessary transport every day. This is our modest contribution to protecting the environment, and we feel it is our responsibility towards the climate.

If you would like more detailed information about our sustainability initiatives and our commitment to creating a more responsible supply chain, please click the button below. We strive to give you a full insight into how we actively seek to make a positive difference both to the environment and the local community through our sustainable approach.