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Frederikke wærens x kerama

Discover the Magic Behind the Scenes

Do you want to see how Frederikke Wæren's X Kerama collection came into being?

In the video from our workshop in Odense, you can see how Frederikke, in collaboration with our skilled ceramicists, created the FW23 collection.

"Handmade in Denmark, designed by Frederikke Wærens in collaboration with Kerama"

Is it that hard to spin a cup?

When we finally found the perfect shape for the cup, we let Frederikke try to shape it in clay on the turntable, with the expert guidance of our ceramist.

The result probably speaks for itself. See it in the video.

How do you make ceramics?

Do you know how Frederikke Wæren's 3 designs are transformed from wet and gray clay into a collection of beautiful and colorful ceramics?

You can see that in the video here, explained by our skilled ceramist.