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Del Nord Ceramics

Enter the enchanting universe of Del Nord Ceramics, where each ceramic creation is a unique expression of Franka's sustainable vision, creativity and love for artistic craftsmanship.

Living in the idyllic Horsens, Franka is not just a potter, but a storyteller who shapes the clay with a deep connection to nature and the environment.

Del Nord Ceramics has raised the standard for sustainable ceramics. Each work is created with consideration for our planet, using natural materials and environmentally friendly production methods. From the clay to the finished product, Franka strives to minimize her impact on the environment and create art with a positive story.

The story of Del Nord Ceramics began during Covid-19 in Spain and has since grown into a thriving company in Horsens. Franka's workshop, located in a charming old back house, is more than just a production space; it is the heart of her creative expression.

Franka opens the doors to her charming workshop and shares her knowledge and love of ceramics through workshops. Participants not only get the opportunity to create their own unique masterpieces, but also to become part of the creative community that Del Nord Ceramics has fostered.

Franka's creativity knows no bounds, as seen in her unique arrangements. The Yoga and Clay workshop, for example, which takes place at Nørrestrand, where the participants immerse themselves in mindfulness and the beauty of nature. Combining yoga with the creation of ceramic natural mirrors is not just an experience, it is a journey into one's own inner self and a connection to the outside world.

We invite you to explore Del Nord Ceramics' treasure trove of handmade ceramics. Each object tells a story, carries a touch of sustainability and is a work of art created with heart and soul by Franka and her workshop.

Explore our carefully selected range of ceramic cups and add a touch of timeless beauty to your home.

Dive into the universe of Del Nord Ceramics and explore a wide range of sustainable ceramic treasures. Each product is a work of art that bears Franka's passion and commitment. Give your decor a touch of sustainable beauty and take home a piece of Del Nord Ceramics' magic