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Perhaps TheClayPlay is already an acquaintance, or perhaps you are being introduced to this unique Danish ceramics workshop for the first time. An idea born in 2019 in connection with the reunification of Southern Jutland in 2020. However, attention was really captured when a mother-daughter duo charmed the investors in 'Løvens Hule' with their delicate and unexpected designs.

Behind TheClayPlay is the desire to embrace the imperfect. The workshop strives to inject joy into everyday life through playful forms. So let the day begin with a smile when you sip your morning coffee from a cup with an excessively large handle, or when you decorate for a party with a flag that breaks with conventions in vivid colors.

A particular highlight of their collection is the original ceramic flag. The first Dannebrog table flags in ceramics saw the light of day in 2019 as part of the preparations for Southern Jutland's celebration of the 100th anniversary of reunification in 2020.

Annemette, the creative force behind TheClayPlay, shares: 'During a brainstorming session I imagined this small piece of ceramic art depicting a flagpole on a beautifully set summer table. I realized almost immediately that it had great potential, and it was an idea I had never seen others execute. So I really felt that I had an original idea that at the same time perfectly suited my playful approach to design.'

Through their ceramic creations, TheClayPlay wants to convey the message of a world characterized by spaciousness, diversity and room for the odd and imperfect. In a world where efficiency is often the focus, they believe in the importance of surrounding themselves with objects that challenge and evoke a sense of childlike joy.

The team behind TheClayPlay is convinced that people want to be excited, surprised and want to explore new shapes and colors. Their ceramic products are created to bring daily joy, especially when enjoying a beverage from a unique, hand-painted mug with a distinctive handle.

Every product from TheClayPlay is created with care and is 100% handmade. Whether it's a cup, a flag or something else entirely, the design is unique and individual. Just as small flaws make people unique, it is the subtle imperfections and whimsical shapes that make TheClayPlay's creations remarkable.

In addition to the unique and playful design, TheClayPlay emphasizes high-quality craftsmanship. You can therefore expect to enjoy your flag for many years to come and let it be a timeless element on the festive table year after year. Some of the coveted flag's subtleties even include a gold button that adds an elegant touch to the otherwise playful expression. Find a unique and personal gift for a close friend with TheClayPlay's remarkable creations. Happy shopping!

Dive into the fascination of TheClayPlay's exclusive, hand-crafted ceramic dannebrog flags with us! Explore our beautiful selection and find the perfect flag to match your unique style.