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Sabella ceramics

Isabella is 24 years old and born and raised in a small village in Southern Jutland. Today she lives in a small apartment in Odense where she designs, spins and glazes all her beautiful ceramics. She has always loved being creative, especially with her sisters and friends. She has always been a bit of a "do it yourself" girl, which is also what made her jump into her pottery adventure.

A few years back, Isabella happened to come across a college where you could learn to express yourself creatively with e.g. ceramics and glass art. Isabella was completely sold, and left for the college before long. For a whole 4 months, she was allowed to wake up every day and look forward to working creatively with her own hands. She immersed herself in the creative process, which she was otherwise not very good friends with at the start. The first few months were really hard. Isabella had not expected that it would be so difficult to make beautiful ceramics. Fortunately, it got easier with time, and not long after she also learned to love the creative process. Isabella loves being allowed to create something right from the first thought or idea to the finished and unique product.

After her stay at high school, she still couldn't completely put ceramics down. She had been bitten by working creatively with ceramics, and not long after, she started designing her own ceramics, for her apartment, friends and family. However, she soon found out that there were also others who were in love with her beautiful ceramics, and therefore started her company Sabella Keramik.

Here at Kerama, you can discover Isabella's beautiful designs. Among other things, she has designed the most beautiful handmade tea mugs MIST and RUBY . You can also find her unique fruit bowls ROSE and MIST . You can also click on the button below and discover all of her unique and one-of-a-kind ceramic designs.