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Ceramics Studio

Dive into the inspiring ceramic universe at Keramik Studiot, created by the talented and dedicated ceramist, Sara.

Beginning her journey in November under the guidance of the experienced Heidi Vang, the Ceramic Studio has developed into a thriving workshop where each creation is a manifestation of Sara's love for art.

The Ceramics Studio is a creative laboratory where colors and shapes come together in unique harmony. Sara's craftsmanship is characterized by original designs, crafted with care and dedication, giving each piece a unique artistic narrative.

After completing her matriculation exam from Midtfyns Gymnasium, Sara's plan was to explore the globe and fill her backpack with experiences. However, the global situation put an end to these plans. But as any artist knows, creativity is not limited by world events. On the contrary, it opened the door to a new passion - ceramics.

Sara, who had never previously considered ceramics as an occupation, found herself captivated by this craft after a visit to Kulturmaskinen in Odense, an open clay workshop. The magic of clay captured her imagination and soon she was spending every spare hour shaping the clay.

However, her journey into the world of ceramics took an unexpected turn when spinning classes were canceled due to the pandemic.

Fortunately, there was a bright spot - a new ceramic workshop opened in Gestelev, near her hometown. Heidi Vang, the owner of Vangs Keramiske Værksted, opened the doors for Sara. Her request for an internship was met with open arms, and suddenly Sara was in the middle of a world of clay, glaze and creative expression.

Sara's internship was not only a learning experience, but also a journey filled with precious moments and the establishment of a close friendship with Heidi Vang. In Heidi's workshop, Sara had the opportunity to create mugs, bowls, vases and much more. Even when she wasn't working in the workshop, her thoughts were constantly on ceramics.

After a period with Heidi, where she pursued her university dreams, Sara has opened her own workshop and business, namely "Keramik Studiet". A nest of creativity and artistry, the Keramik Studio is not just a place for ceramic creations, but an expression of Sara's passion and dedication to the craft.

She has created an environment where the clay comes to life under her expert hands and where each ceramic masterpiece carries a story of her journey.

We invite you to explore the Keramik Studio's collections and immerse yourself in the beauty of handmade masterpieces.

Take a look at our webshop, where every picture says more than a thousand words, and discover how each ceramic treasure is created with care and passion.

Let yourself be inspired by Keramik Studio's unique works, and take a piece of this creative journey home with you.

Take part in the Keramik Studio's journey, explore the diversity of craftsmanship and let these unique ceramic treasures enrich your home. Welcome to a place where art and functionality meet in a unique fusion.