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Our products are all made of high-quality stoneware clay from the Danish Strøjer Tegl, which can withstand both frost and machine washing and is much more resistant than conventional clay. This way you are guaranteed to get ceramics home that you can actually use . We believe that the most important thing we can do for the environment is to ensure that our customers come home with products of good quality that can be used for many years into the future. In doing so, we do away with the widespread "buy and throw away" culture, which does nothing but empty consumers' wallets into the bin and pollute our beautiful world. We do not want to be part of that culture. Neither should you.

Therefore, it is not enough that we choose to be sustainable. It is a choice that you, as a consumer, help to make. We look forward to having you on the journey towards a more sustainable future.


We send our beloved pottery off with the carrier every single day, with a deep fear that it might break. We therefore cannot avoid the elephant in the room. Packaging. We have a duty to ensure that the products arrive safely at our customers, as beautiful as when we picked them up at the workshop. Anything else would be a shame. On the other hand, we also have a duty to our environment. It has it hard enough already, so there is no reason for us to make it worse. So how do we fix it? Listen to this! We solve this by wrapping your order with fibrous recycled paper, which both secures your package against bumps on the way to your door, and saves the machines from cutting down a forest to get your products.

We also offer all our customers to pick up their order directly from our warehouse, so we save the environment for both packaging and shipping. It's a win-win! So consider picking up your order if you live near Odense. Thank you.


We always wanted to know the best sustainable alternative. But it is best for everyone that we face the truth and admit right now: We don't. That's why you're invited on the journey - yes you!

Do you have the secret recipe for how we can help the environment even more than we already do? Then our inbox is open. Yes, it is just waiting for your input. We sincerely hope that you will join us on the journey and help us become a first-class example of how webshops can act sustainably.

Finally, contact us if you are sitting and burning inside with a good fife!