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Kraki Ceramics

Dive into Birkerød's calm atmosphere, where Tine, the creator of the magic behind KRAKI Ceramics, immerses herself in her love of colors and ceramics. Her everyday life is a palette of creativity, where the dream of developing even more enchanting KRAKI products becomes reality.

In addition to the world of clay, Tine also juggles the role of devoted wife and mother of two wonderful children. The family shares their home with the faithful dog Rita and two charming rabbits. The centerpiece of their home is the home-built orangery, a magical backdrop where Tine's ceramic journey began on balmy summer evenings.

Tine's background as a trained veterinary nurse adds extra depth to her story. Her passion for the veterinary profession is still burning, and although missing the animals is part of her journey, Tine has undoubtedly decided to give ceramics all her attention and time.

Throughout her beginnings on Instagram, Tine has been showered with positive feedback from her dedicated followers. Her Instagram family, who she loves to describe as the sweetest, have been an endless source of support and encouragement. With humility and gratitude, Tine now looks forward to sharing her ceramic universe with a larger audience.

This is not just the story of Tine and her creative journey; it is an invitation to explore a world of colour, craftsmanship and unique KRAKI products, where each creation is a unique expression of Tine's artistic vision. Welcome to a universe where ceramics become magic under her expert hands.