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Fanø Glassworks

Charlotte, the brain and hand behind each and every glass, is an experienced glassblower with a deep commitment to her craft. Her journey began on Fanø, where she found inspiration in the island's calm atmosphere and magnificent nature. Over the years, Charlotte has refined her craft and created a unique collection of water glasses and wine glasses that radiate both elegance and functionality.

Every single glass from Charlotte carries a subtle influence from Fanø's unique spirit. It can be the reflection of the clear water in the water glass or the gentle sway in the stem of the wine glass that reminds of the soft movements in Fanø's dune landscapes. Charlotte knows how to capture the magic of the island in each individual creation, and this makes her glasses more than just utility objects.

Each water glass and wine glass is created with care and attention to detail. Charlotte masters the art of shaping glass, and her glasses vary in shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal style.

The glass blowing plant at Fanø places great emphasis on sustainability. Charlotte uses local resources and recycled glass, and her production process is designed to minimize environmental impact. When you choose a glass from Charlotte, you are not only choosing a work of art, but also a sustainable choice.

Charlotte's water glass is a tribute to the clean and clear. Perfect for those who appreciate a cool sip and want to let the freshness of Fanø dance on their lips.

The wine glasses from Glaspusteriet on Fanø are designed to enhance the experience of your favorite wine. Shaped with elegance and balance, they are a pleasure for both the eye and the palate.

We are proud to feature Charlotte's work in our range and hope you will find joy and enjoyment in these unique handmade glasses. If you want to know more about Charlotte and the glassblowing on Fanø, you are welcome to contact us.

We invite you to experience the charm and unique craftsmanship behind each glass from Charlotte and the Glaspusteriet on Fanø. Discover Fanø's inspiring world through Charlotte's eyes, and add a touch of Danish artistic elegance to your home.