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Dive into Birkerød's calm atmosphere, where Tine, the creator of the magic behind KRAKI Ceramics, immerses herself in her love of colors and ceramics. Her everyday life is a palette of creativity, where the dream of developing even more enchanting KRAKI products becomes reality.

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Birkerød's magic

Step into the heart of Birkerød's calm atmosphere and let yourself be captured by the subtle magic that stems from Tine's passion for colors and ceramics. Tine, the creative force behind KRAKI Ceramics, breathes life into every lump of clay and shade of color, resulting in a unique artistic expression that embraces the beauty of the simple and sublime.

Every day is a journey for Tine, a deep immersion in the diversity of creativity, where she nurtures the dream of giving life to even more enchanting KRAKI products. Her workshop is a colorful palette, where ideas and inspiration dance in time with the softness and malleability of the clay. Imbued with a deep love for her craft, Tine transforms this daily routine into a source of inspiration that constantly drives her towards new artistic horizons.

Inspiration comes from nature

Birkerød's surroundings act as a quiet muse for Tine, who finds in nature's change between seasons a constant source of creative energy. The tranquility and simple beauty of the landscape is reflected in each and every KRAKI Ceramic product, which becomes a story about the subtle poetry of the Nordic landscape and Tine's own creative journey.

It is not just colors and clay that are shaped under Tine's expert hands; it is also a dream to create art that enriches and enchants. Every brushstroke and nuance is a conscious decision to convey a feeling, a mood, or perhaps even a moment of quiet reflection. KRAKI Ceramics is thus more than just a product


We've made sustainable shopping easy for you while supporting local small businesses. All the ceramics you find at Kerama are created by local Danish potters, from design to turning, glazing and firing. This ensures that you acquire handmade ceramics of the highest quality, produced under optimal conditions. Our focus on local production means that our products have traveled less than 100km on average in their lifetime before reaching your doorstep. By minimizing the transport distance, we save thousands of kilometers of unnecessary transport every day, and this is our small contribution to protecting the environment. We feel that it is our responsibility towards the climate.

For more detailed information about our sustainability initiatives and our commitment to creating a more responsible supply chain, click the button below and explore our sustainability efforts. In this way, we want to give you full insight into how we strive to make a positive difference to both the environment and the local community through our sustainable approach.