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The SKY by Vang ceramics collection is a beautiful and sweet collection of utility ceramics, designed with inspiration from the beautiful Danish summer sky. The SKY collection brings back memories of the happy summer days of childhood, with push-up ice cream, and water fights in the backyard, every time you find your beautiful ceramics from the drawers. The ceramic is glazed in a sweet and distinct light blue glaze, which gives the ceramic a curled and creative look. The collection is hand-turned in lavaliers by Heidi Vang in her ceramics workshop at Ringe on Funen, and can withstand both frost and the dishwasher. Discover the SKY collection right here.

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by Vang
BREAKFAST BOWL - CLOUD Sale price299,00 kr
Sale price299,00 kr
by Vang
TEKRUS - CLOUD Sale price449,00 kr
Sale price449,00 kr
by Vang
THE LUNCH PLATE - SKY Sale price279,00 kr
Sale price279,00 kr
by Vang
ESPRESSO CUP - CLOUD Sale price199,00 kr
Sale price199,00 kr
by Vang
THE CAKE PLATE - SKY Sale price229,00 kr
Sale price229,00 kr
by Vang
DINNER PLATE - SKY Sale price489,00 kr
Sale price489,00 kr
by Vang
NUTSHELL - CLOUD Sale price239,00 kr
Sale price239,00 kr
by Vang
BUTTER DISH - CLOUD Sale price169,00 kr
Sale price169,00 kr
by Vang
CREAM JUG - SKY Sale price249,00 kr
Sale price249,00 kr


The SKY collection is designed by Heidi Vang, who has her own small ceramic workshop, a few kilometers outside Ringe on Funen. It is in the workshop that all the magic happens. It is here that Heidi designs and spins and glazes all her beautiful collections, which you can also find here on the site. All her collections are made in a beautiful lavalier, which gives small dark cracks in the surface of the ceramic, which can also be seen through the surface of the sweet glaze. The SKY collection has been dipped in a cloud blue glaze, which gives the ceramics a sweet and curled look, which we are sure will help create life and happy days in your home.


We have ensured that you can buy your handmade ceramics online sustainably. Today, running a sustainable business is no small task at all. Not a webshop at all. There are so many who claim to work sustainably, although in reality it is just a marketing stunt. Therefore, it is also difficult for you to trust us when we say that you can have a clear conscience when you shop for your ceramics online. We have described everything we have done so far to ensure that you can shop sustainably, and we hope that you will follow along and help us on our journey to become Denmark's most sustainable ceramics universe.


Why have we chosen that it is exactly handmade Danish ceramics that we think should be in all Danish homes? Well, now you have to listen. Over the past several years, we have noticed that the Danish interior design style has become more and more clean and minimalistic, with no room for everything that makes a home a home. Namely the little curly things that bring back memories every time you find them. We believe that there should be room for memories, presence and love in Danish homes, and we believe that beautifully handcrafted Danish ceramics are the perfect answer to that!

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