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Locally produced - Danish quality

100% free of cadmium & lead

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Ceramics workshop

Ceramics Studio

Keramik Studiot is a small business run by Sara, who is passionate about design, high quality and exciting shapes.

At Kerama, you can dive into her exciting universe, which offers everything from experimental shapes and unique designs to bold and lively color experiments. Find the perfect ceramic masterpiece to suit your style and mood.

Her products are carefully created with her own hands and are clearly marked by their unique organic shapes and the charming details that only arise through careful craftsmanship.

Sara's greatest wish is that her ceramics will infuse joy and imperfectly perfect beauty into your everyday life and thus become an indispensable and remarkable part of your home.


All the ceramics you find on our webshop are mined, turned, fired and glazed in Denmark.

We take great pride in working exclusively with local partners to ensure that our customers get the best, high quality products and that our products are produced under the best conditions.


Sustainability is a complicated concept. Something that has become difficult for consumers to trust, as so many brands throw around the word, without putting action behind it.

For us, sustainability is about making it easy for our customers to make the sustainable choice when shopping online.


When you buy your ceramics at Kerama, you are directly helping to support Danish entrepreneurship. Behind Kerama you will find a team of passionate people who are passionate about ceramics, and fight day and night to be allowed to live out their dream of running their own business.