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Our NATURAL ceramics collection is designed with inspiration from the popular Bornholm beach at Dueodde. The Bornholm beach is characterized by its light and incredibly fine sand, which invites you to a fantastic afternoon with a cold bottle of rosé on the beach blanket. The collection is designed and handmade by Heidi Vang in her ceramics workshop at Ringe on Funen, and it is exactly the feeling of enjoying time on the beach in good company that the design makes you feel when you put the dinner plates out for dinner. The NATURAL collection opens the door for you to think back to the good memories at the beach. Whether it's on a southern European or Bornholm beach, the ceramics will bring out the feeling of enjoyment and quality time.

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by Vang
DINNER PLATE - NATURAL Sale price489,00 kr
Sale price489,00 kr
Sale price279,00 kr
by Vang
BREAKFAST BOWL - NATURAL Sale price299,00 kr
Sale price299,00 kr
by Vang
TEA CRUSH - NATURAL Sale price449,00 kr
Sale price449,00 kr
by Vang
BUTTER DISH - NATURAL Sale price169,00 kr
Sale price169,00 kr
by Vang
CAKE PLATE - NATURAL Sale price229,00 kr
Sale price229,00 kr
by Vang
CREAM JUNK - NATURAL Sale price249,00 kr
Sale price249,00 kr
by Vang
NUT SHELL - NATURAL Sale price239,00 kr
Sale price239,00 kr
by Vang
ESPRESSO CUP - NATURAL Sale price199,00 kr
Sale price199,00 kr


The NATURAL collection is designed and produced by Heidi Vang in her ceramics workshop at Ringe on Funen. In the collection you will find both ceramic plates , cups , mugs and bowls , which are all handmade in stoneware of the highest quality. The NATURAL ceramics are produced in clay from Strøjer Tegl on Funen, which withstands both frost and a trip in the dishwasher. That's why you don't have to worry about extra washing up, due to ceramics that can't withstand the dishwasher. The products are made to be used, otherwise we don't think it would make sense to produce. The light glazing used in the NATURAL ceramics collection works beautifully with the natural lavalier, and creates a unique expression that sweeps the legs away from under most people.


We have ensured that you can buy your handmade ceramics online sustainably. Today, running a sustainable business is no small task at all. Not a webshop at all. There are so many who claim to work sustainably, although in reality it is just a marketing stunt. Therefore, it is also difficult for you to trust us when we say that you can have a clear conscience when you shop for your ceramics online. We have described everything we have done so far to ensure that you can shop sustainably, and we hope that you will follow along and help us on our journey to become Denmark's most sustainable ceramics universe.


Behind this webshop you will find a team of ceramics-loving entrepreneurs. This means that when you buy your ceramics at Kerama, you are helping to support a budding Danish entrepreneurial adventure. We have a hope of becoming the whole of Denmark's leading ceramics universe, but we have no hope of reaching the finish line without your help. We hope you will help support Danish entrepreneurship, and in return we will do everything in our power to ensure that you have a good experience every time you shop for your handmade ceramics at Kerama. In advance, thank you very much.

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