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The HASEL by Vang collection is a collection of handmade ceramics designed by Heidi Vang in her workshop near Odense. The ceramics are turned in a beautiful and natural lavalier, and glazed in a calm and delicious nut brown glaze, which is perfect for the home decorated in natural and muted colors. See the entire handmade ceramics collection HASEL right here.

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by Vang
LUNCH PLATE - HAZEL Sale price279,00 kr
Sale price279,00 kr
by Vang
NUTSHELL - HAZEL Sale price239,00 kr
Sale price239,00 kr
by Vang
BREAKFAST BOWL - HAZEL Sale price299,00 kr
Sale price299,00 kr
by Vang
DINNER PLATE - HAZEL Sale price489,00 kr
Sale price489,00 kr
by Vang
CAKE PLATE - HAZEL Sale price229,00 kr
Sale price229,00 kr
by Vang
CREAM JUG - HAZEL Sale price249,00 kr
Sale price249,00 kr
by Vang
ESPRESSO CUP - HAZEL Sale price199,00 kr
Sale price199,00 kr
by Vang
TEA CRUSH - HAZEL Sale price449,00 kr
Sale price449,00 kr


Experience the feeling of true everyday luxury with the HASEL by Vang ceramic collection. The handmade ceramics are turned in a natural lavalier, which gives unique dark sparks in the surface of the ceramics. The HASEL ceramic collection is covered with a calm and cozy semi-matt nut brown glaze that fits perfectly into the subdued and relaxed decor. Among the collection you will find, among other things, the HASEL Tea Mug , and the espresso cup with its beautiful shapes fits perfectly in every cup collection. In addition, you will find the beautiful HASEL ceramic cake plates , lunch plates and dinner plates that can help you make your dinners extra cozy.


To ensure that you can always be completely calm when shopping for your handmade ceramics at, we have made it super easy and transparent. Throughout. You get a full 100 days of free returns, so you always have the opportunity to regret your purchase if you have changed your taste. In addition, you always get your order delivered within 3-4 working days, and we ship all orders placed before 3pm on the same day. When you buy handmade ceramics for over 599, the shipping should naturally not cost you a penny either. We take care of that!


If you choose to buy your handmade ceramics from Kerama, you are always protected under our frame guarantee. The frame guarantee ensures that within 5 years of starting to assemble your handmade ceramic frame, you can still buy the same frame. This ensures that if a plate should smoke on the floor, you can always have it replaced.

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