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Charlotte, the creative force and skilled craftsman behind each glass, has extensive experience as a glassblower and dedicates herself deeply to her craft. Her artistic journey began on Fanø, where she was inspired by the island's peaceful atmosphere and impressive nature. Over the years, Charlotte has refined her craft and created a unique collection of water glasses and wine glasses that not only radiate elegance, but also fulfill practical purposes with finesse.


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Art as craft

Each individual glass, handcrafted by Charlotte, carries a delicate influence from the unique spirit of Fanø. It is as if the reflection of the clear water in the water glass or the gentle sway in the stem of the wine glass evokes memories of the calm and soft movements in Fanø's majestic dune landscapes. Charlotte possesses a remarkable ability to capture the magic of the island in each glass, making her creations much more than just functional objects.

Her artistic approach manages to integrate Fanø's distinctive characteristics in each glass. The water glass becomes not just a tool to contain liquid, but a reflection of the clear water that surrounds the island. The delicate sway of the wine glass becomes a tribute to Fanø's natural landscapes, where the sand floats in harmony with the wind. Charlotte manages to imbue each creation with a touch of the magnificent nature that has shaped her artistic journey.

Meaningful design

The subtle influence from Fanø in Charlotte's glasswork goes beyond the aesthetic and almost becomes a cultural interpretation. It is as if each glass tells a story about the soul of the island and its connection to the artist. They become works of art that not only serve a practical purpose, but also convey a deeper understanding of the place where inspiration flourished.

So when you pick up one of Charlotte's glasses, you're not just picking up a work of art; you lift part of Fanø's history and beauty. It is this unique ability to capture the spirit of a place in each glass that makes Charlotte's works so special and significant.

Sustainability, made easy

We've made it simple for you to make the choice for sustainable products while supporting local small businesses. Every ceramic object you discover at Kerama is carefully created by skilled Danish potters who engage fully in the entire process from design and turning to glazing and firing. This dedicated commitment ensures that you acquire handmade ceramic pieces of the highest quality, produced under optimal working conditions.